Passover online

Online passover seder service 2011

A holiday has delayed this post but the 8 day passover festival which finished last week represents a very important time in the Jewish calender. The rabbis at have produced and recorded an innovative online passover seder service with participants across the world that can be caught here:

ourjewish community online passover 2011


Online Humanistic Jewish Sabbath Services

How to find online serrvices with a humanistic perspective

At the current time, there is no organised Humanistic Jewish community in the UK although it is certainly the aim of this site to develop the same over time.

As such, there is no easy way for a person in the UK to experience a Humanistic Jewish service without travelling to the United States where most organised communiites are based.

All is certainly not lost, however, as Rabbi Laura Baum and Rabbi Robert Barr provide live streaming sabbath and holiday services and recordings via an online synagogue directly connected to Congragation Beth Adam in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our Jewish Community and its sister community is independent of the SHJ and other humanistic jewish organisations but its core values are humanistic and it is fair to say that they offer in many ways a superb fresh model for progressive judaism in the 21st century.

Please check the informal but meaningful recorded sabbath services such as last week’s service here:

Watch live streaming video from ourjewishcommunity at

and take the opportunity where possible to join in their interactive services taking account of the fact that their timezone is 5 hours behind the UK.