A Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt

Humanistic Judaism publications – a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt

An interesting article in the Washington Post by Herb Silverman, a Jewish atheist can be read here

There is also a link to Herb Silverman’s well reviewed book – Candidate without a Prayer:   an Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt, available as a hardback or on Kindle at Amazon here


Humanistic Judaism and the circumcision debate

humanistic judaism and circumcision

The recent German Court case which initially ruled against circumcision has created a good deal of debate.

Whilst humanistic jews do not advocate the banning of the practice (if carried out under full medical supervision) they are in favour of baby naming ceremonies to celebrate the birth of a boy or girl, irrespective of whether a circumcision is carried out on the baby boy.

A detailed, although not independent, analysis of the debate from a humanistic jewish perspective is set out in this article published on the Intact website, with further reading resources therein.


New Regional Contacts for Humanistic Judaism UK

new regional contacts for Humanistic Judaism UK

At the inaugural meeting of HJUK in October, it was agreed that we needed to offer contact points across the UK for new and existing subscribers so that it would be easier for small local groups to build up under the umbrella of HJUK itself.

As a result a new regional contacts page has been set up for direct contact to a number of our representatives and our student representative.

We evidently do not cover all the major areas in the UK and we will be happy to add other subscribers as regional contacts in other parts of the UK, where appropriate.


In the moment – the blog of Moment magazine

Information about InTheMoment blog

A recent article on the InTheMoment blog here is quite relevant to humanistic jews wherever they are based in the world.

Notwithstanding the article, InTheMoment appears a fun and intelligent forum for independent jewish thoughts and opinions.

To quote, it’s about page directly:

About IntheMoment

IntheMoment is Moment Magazine‘s official blog.

We enjoy moonlit walks on the beach, romantic dinners and a sense of humor.

We also enjoy looking at wordly topics through a journalistic, independent Jewish lens. Whether talking about geopolitical trends, Israeli culture and politics, American Jewish experience, the Jewish religion itself or the antics of Sarah Silverman, our writers approach their subjects with an open and ever-inquiring perspective.

The best way to enjoy IntheMoment:

Read the posts
Comment on anything you want and partake in the discussions

It’s really that easy.

A link to the site has now been added to our Resources.

Passover online

Online passover seder service 2011

A holiday has delayed this post but the 8 day passover festival which finished last week represents a very important time in the Jewish calender. The rabbis at ourjewishcommunity.org have produced and recorded an innovative online passover seder service with participants across the world that can be caught here:

ourjewish community online passover 2011